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Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth was an inspiration. We will all have memories of her and her reign. We hold each other and the nation in the light at this sombre time.

Queen Elizabeth was the epitome of a life given in service, and she did so with constancy and grace.

Our schools will remain open and we are committed to supporting our children and families as we remember the Queen together. RIP Your Majesty.

CEO letter to parents - start of term

September 2022

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I found myself writing to a colleague today, 'Thank you for riding the rollercoaster.' Life in schools, and life in general, is a rollercoaster with all its ups and downs and its twists and turns. With the successive Covid lockdowns, the ongoing challenge of people still becoming infected and having time off, the pressure from all sides that our children reach attainment levels of pre-covid times, the financial strain we currently find ourselves in with the increase in the cost of living, and then most recently the very concerning heatwave - the ups and downs have been coming thick and fast.

Despite all this, there are incredible things happening in our schools every day. From the micro-interactions at the school gate where children are scooped up with care when they need it, to outstanding achievements in the classroom; from the improvements we have made in teaching and learning and shared quality standards in our classrooms, to improvements in the training we offer our staff; from the opportunities that schools have provided the children in the creative arts to the accomplishment shown on the sports field. There is a complex web of activity that hums in our schools during term time (and outside of term time) and it really is a testament to how we are all committed to doing the best by the children, through thick and thin.

There is always more to do and no doubt there will be more bumps along the way. But thank you to you all - to staff, parents and volunteers, for helping our schools rattle along the tracks. Thank you for helping each other provide a safe yet exhilarating view of the world for our children.

My very best wishes to all the Year 6s and anyone leaving our schools - good luck as you embark on your next adventure. Stand tall and remember that every human has something special to bring. You are important and unique.

To everyone, enjoy the summer break so that we can return ready and refreshed for another year of learning, and ultimately to teach the next generation of adults to be better stewards of the planet than those who have gone before them. Our children are, after all, the future. What a privilege it is to be part of helping them be change makers in whatever way we can.

Light and love to you all this summer,

Rebecca Leek, CEO

Easter Holiday - Create Competition

The Suitcase follows the story of a stranger arriving in a new place, and how this stranger needs a special welcome.

Click here to hear the book being read on Youtube.

Click here to order the book

Click here for an additional activity sheet. (This is not the competition.)

The challenge: Imagine that a stranger who has had to leave their home is coming to stay with you, or with a friend or family member - for example in your grandparents' or neighbours' house. If you were to send them a postcard, to welcome them, and to show them that you have thought about them, what would you write? What would you draw? They might need to know a bit about your family or your neighbourhood? What would make them feel at home and welcomed?

To enter: Send your postcard (it can be a bought postcard with your own writing on it, or a postcard that you have drawn or made) to: Suitcase Competition, SEAMAT, c/o Rayleigh Primary, Love Lane, Rayleigh, Essex. SS6 7DD

Younger children: drawings are absolutely fine. If you look at the book you might get some ideas about a picture that would make someone feel welcome.

Entries need to be received by Tuesday 19th April, 2022.

Prizes will include books, stationery and an invitation to a special event with Trustees.

Let there be light!

We are marking International Women's Day with an exploration of music and art. Listen to music written by Julie Cooper and be inspired by Vanessa Stone's fields, places and spaces - all made out of paper. Click here to see the main poster.

Julie Cooper's Light on Youtube.

Vanessa Stone's website.

International Women's Day website.

Entries need to be received by Monday 21st March.

Winners will be notified in the week beginning Monday 18th April, after the Easter break.

LET THERE BE LIGHT: This is an opportunity first and foremost to listen, look and be inspired. We are looking for some new pieces of artwork to put together an exhibition and we hope that children AND adults from across the Trust will submit entries. If you have any questions ask your headteacher. We are looking forward to seeing what everyone creates.

If you would like to enter as an adult and send your entry in directly you can email the image to using 'Let there be light' as the subject heading, or send it to Rayleigh Primary marked 'Let there be light'. Don't forget to include who you are and a way of contacting you with your entry.

James Carter - in real life and not on (zim zam) zoom!!

The poet James Carter is visiting our schools on Thursday 28th September. Click here to read some of his poems. You can order a book in advance for your child by completing this form.

Governor Vacancies

We are always looking for supportive individuals to help our schools thrive and improve. One of our values is diversity and we welcome different people who will bring different experience and expertise to our trust and schools. To arrange an initial conversation, please email