New Ways, New Skills

A key challenge within the school system is the continual pressure to raise standards, to find the best method of teaching children that is low cost and has high impact. For example, the Education Endowment Fund identifies Metacognition as a powerful method of enabling learning, based on research that has taken place over many years. The key question we ask is why, when research has identified successful teaching and learning methodologies, and has been ongoing for such a long time, there is so little impact upon how teachers teach?

This project intends to address this question.

Based upon the research into Metacognition, this project undertakes the challenging task of teaching young children the importance of understanding how to learn. It seeks to give them the power to choose a different learning technique to solve a problem. As children experience each technique they use digital methods, to teach children in partner countries what they have discovered and how to solve a problem. Each child generated learning experience awards those doing it with certificates of success.

Term 1.

Focuses on Teaching Children to Plan their own Learning and how to remember.



◎Route Theory. (Memory Palaces.)


◎Music for Memory.

Term 2.

Focusing on how teachers plan a block of work and what questions they ask to enhance learning.

◎Bloom's Taxonomy.

Term 3.

Focusing on Collaboration and Physical Activity to Solve Problems.

◎Physical Learning – Outdoors!

Term 4.

Children learning through Talk – Socratic Questions for Deeper Thinking.

◎Philosophy For Children - Six Thinking Hats.

Term 5.

Handing the Learning to children!

◎Mantle of the Expert – Enterprise Learning

Term 6.

The Children Plan it Themselves.

◎Metacognition – Bloom's Taxonomy.