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Welcome to our first European project, where schools from France, Croatia, Malta, Poland and the United Kingdom worked together online. The project was a way of addressing prejudice and racism by having children study themselves, their school and their country’s history.

This website was where we showcased the stories the children investigate, and we would always be interested in your help to find more. if you think you can help, please let your child's teacher or the school know.

Project Summary

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We would like to thank the world of the internet where images, stories and news are freely shared. Each school has allowed their children to tell their stories and no doubt will have used the internet to carry out their research. Sites such as Wikipedia, Rayleigh Through the Looking Glass, Rayleigh History and History House are just some of the many that have been visited and helped make this site. We hope they forgive us if our children have benefited from their research and not referenced them.


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