Rayleigh Primary School

Rayleigh Primary School has three committees on the Local School Board that deal with governance of Rayleigh Primary School. These are as follows.

- The Education Provision Committee

- The School Operation Committee

- The Reporting Committee.

Reporting Committee.

The Reporting Committee prepares the Management Review for the Trustees of SEAMAT. This involves reflecting upon the two sub committees and adding any personnel matters that may impact upon the future success of the school.

School Operations Committee.

The School Operations Committee primarily focuses on the financial well-being of the school. Examining Health and Safety and policies that involve the Human Resources function. They do not need to focus on individual personnel matters.

Education Committee.

The Education Committee discusses the matters that impact upon classroom practice. It focuses on standards of education and thus is deeply involved with the teaching and learning process. Matters such as the behaviour of the children and curriculum are governed here.

Rayleigh Primary School Multi-Academy Trust.

Prior to forming SEAMAT Rayleigh Primary School was a multi-academy trust in its own right. To ensure a smooth transition for the Local School Board, older minutes are found here.