About Us

The South Essex Alliance is an education trust that is committed to running dynamic, ever-improving schools. We work to make sure that every child feels safe, that every child feels that they truly belong in their school AND that every child loves learning. For us, learning is an adventure. It is a privilege and a responsibility for all who work with us to ensure that the journey through school is exciting, challenging, caring and enriching, and that every child experiences joy, wonder, calm and success. 


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PURPOSE: Our partnership fosters stronger schools that can achieve more for all its people, now and for the future.

VISION: Children who come to our schools will know that we believe in them, that they can make a unique contribution to our global community.

MISSION: It is our mission to ensure every child is loves learning; our approach is designed to nurture lifelong learners.

CORE PRINCIPLE: We are committed to Learner First. This is the principle at the heart of all that we do.

OUR VALUES: Care, Accomplishment, Sustainability, Creativity and Diversity. 

FOUNDATION: The UNCRC Rights of the Child are a foundation stone for how our trust and schools operate. 

Our Charter in full

This document outlines why our education trust exists and how we educate the children who come to our schools. It provides an explanation of the principles that lie at the heart of our trust and what guides us in the work that we do. 

We are interested in feedback on our charter. If you are linked to our Trust as an employee, child, parent, governor or a member of the local community, you can respond to our draft charter by emailing us at info@seamat.org.